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1st week of open beta

Firstly, a big thank you to everyone using Aquaplot and especially to those who already gave feedback since we started our open beta phase for Aquaplot Distance last week. We really appreciate it, and that’s why we made it even easier for you to get in touch with us. On our website and inside the app, you can now always click on a small feedback button on the right side and quickly drop a comment or make a suggestion. Our contact form is still available and we also read all our mails (see below for email address).

Some visitors found the structure of our website confusing at times, so we took their feedback and made lots of changes. We now have separate buttons for login and sign-up and have changed the website flow and structure in a few places. We also streamlined the look and feel and in the process made the website load faster. We are aware that some users, for example from Australia, still experience relatively long load times due to high latency and we will address this going forward. If you are experiencing issues like this, please let us know.

Giving our backend systems and algorithms exposure to real-life user requests, we were able to detect some issues that are fixed as of today. To our knowledge, nobody was affected by those.

We spent a good amount of time working on the user experience in our app and brought it a few steps closer to how we envision our app design should be. Here is a before/after screenshot of our app:


We are moving towards a card-based design and added some labels for more clarity. Also, the button for saving coordinates (points of interest/POI) has been moved to a more prominent position and looks more like the familiar bookmark symbol used in browsers. You can also see the new feedback button here on the right of the screen.


As always, we welcome your feedback in the coming days, months and years! Our promise: we reply within 24 hours!

— the Aquaplot Team