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Aquaplot Explorer is out of beta

Starting today, Aquaplot Explorer is out of beta. We’re extremely happy with all the great suggestions, beta users have been submitting, and we now think that the product has reached the level of maturity where it achieved great usability, performance and reliability as an application.

If you haven’t heard of Aquaplot Explorer before, it’s a new product that help users to calculate distance and time between any two points which are connected through sea. We launched the beta version 2 months ago. We’ve released many new features over those months. So now we’re leaving beta, as a vote of confidence for Aquaplot Explorer being stable and robust.

In our last blog entry we discussed about new things and features we’ve introduced over the last few months. This time we are going to discuss our learning and takeaways from open beta phase. It’s all started with a journey through Atlantic and situations aroused there, when Aquaplot’s co-founder Henning Grimm felt a modern and fast sea navigation system is needed. This inception of idea with time; generate much more possibility in overall sea navigation technology which can improve shipping industry and make much more efficient and safe. Now we have users from all around the world, 5 continents and 60+ countries. And they are shipping and cargo companies, sailors, researchers, students, software developers and many more.

We’d like to make sure that our service is available 24/7, so that you can use it day or night.

We’ve got some exciting new features around the corner, the biggest in which would be traffic separation scheme and excluding of unwanted route which make sure the distance and time would be more practical and real. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start exploring. We always appreciate feedback, so get in touch if there’s anything you want to say.

From Aquaplot with ♥